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Crochet Seattle!

August 23, 2005
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Meeting Minutes

Morgan presided over the meeting. Present were: Morgan Hicks, Jean Becker, Clare Cronkleton, Sandra Torkelson, Catherine Torkelson, Linda Yaw, Rita Stockwell, and Maureen Vinson. Hi! to Catherine, Sandra's daughter, thanks for coming!

Old Business

Maureen read the minutes of the July meeting, which were motioned, seconded and approved by the membership. At the next meeting we will motion to dispense with the reading of the minutes at future meetings, and if seconded, we will just move right into old business. Minutes are available for all members to read at our Yahoo group site as well as on our exciting, new web-site discussed below in new business.

Morgan introduced the idea of having interested officers conduct meetings. This would be a great opportunity to learn or brush up one's leadership skills by learning how to properly conduct a meeting and use Robert's Rules of Order. Please talk to Morgan about which meeting you'd be interested in facilitating. Also, I'm encouraging all members to consider becoming an officer. New officers will be elected in January 2006.

New Business

We have a new web-site. Beautifully crafted by our newly adopted Web-Diva, Linda Yaw!! Check it out at http// For those of you wondering, there is no "www", although I don't know why -- let's ask our Web-Diva!! The site is very cool, contains our future programs, meeting minutes and links to other sites such as Vista Printing where you can have business cards printed up almost free. THANKS LINDA! YOU DID A FABULOUS JOB!

Morgans gorgeous mesh is on there too, so check it out. We are also hoping to have a photo gallery of member's work; AND if that's not enough Linda is working on a blog for us as well.

Morgan is distributing guild posters he made.

Crochet Guild of Puget Sound is promoting the Knit Out and Crochet, Too which is looking for volunteers to help with both teaching and organizing. Various stores will provide hooks and yarn so people can just start knitting or crocheting. Contact Jean Becker or Justine Ozaki for more information. Any one interested in joining that guild should contact either one of them also.

Treasurer's Report

Clare reported an estimated balance of $51.00. There were ependitures for business cards.

August Program

Jean Becker presented an awesome program on lace crochet. Her objective was to inspire us to take our experience to a new level; to develop our creativity. We all got to try our hand at this skill, crocheting a curtain tieback with very thin thread and steel hook. When asked what other pieces could this pattern be used for, some replies were table runner, curtain panel, book mark, rectangular shawl. She encouraged us to think outside the book, so to speak. One piece she showed us was a gorgeous shawl made with a fingering or DK weight yarn that was adapted from a doily pattern. The shawl was actually one-half of a doily. It was really beautiful. Jean brought several other beautiful pieces she had made. Thank you, Jean for a great program.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Maureen Vinson Edit Text

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