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July 26, 2005

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Meeting Minutes

Morgan presided over the meeting at which 9 members were present:
Morgan Hicks, Jean Beck, Justine Ozaki, Clare Cronkleton, Sandra Torkelson, Rita Stockwell, Maureen Vinson, Linda Yaw, and Arlene Geist. A warm welcome is extended to Arlene and Linda as our two newest members. WELCOME!! Our numbers are already growing so tell all your friends to join us in the fun.

Remember that Yarn Gallery will be closed for remodeling from August 7-29. A home for our August 23 meeting is being arranged. Please check the Web site for location.

Old Business
Morgan reminded everyone to buy their tickets to the Mariner's Stitch n Pitch. Thursday, July 28th, at Safeco Field. Yarn Gallery has sold all their tickets, so check with other yarn stores. Approximately 1,500 Stitch 'n' Pitch tickets have been sold. We will be a formidable group. Stitch 'n' Pitch T-shirts are available and many yarn stores will have a booth and a designated vendor.

Terms of Office were clarified as 6 months for current officers. New officer elections will be held in January, 2006 for the term of one year.

New Business
Maureen read the minutes of the June meeting which were approved by the membership. The Program Calendar was refined. The June minutes show the program changes. Topics remain the same; more teachers were confirmed. It was agreed that "storytelling" would be included in the monthly minutes - taken alongside the business format. This would help to preserve the guild's historical as well as business record.

Clare Cronkleton, our Treasurer, opened our guild account at Bank of America and brought in signature cards for Morgan Hicks and Maureen Vinson to complete. Two signatures of current officers are required to complete the checks on the account.

Justine brought in our business cards. Very nice. Members took cards to distribute to friends, other yarn stores, etc.

Jean Becker will be presenting the August program, "Lace Crochet." A materials/supply list needed for this class will be posted on the web-site as well as any swatching/homework. Being prepared for the class will make learning easier and more enjoyable. Jean is an experienced and knowledgeable crocheter and we are fortunate to have her as a founding member and teacher.

The July program was "Pattern Reading and Deciphering." Morgan's wealth of knowledge and creative inspiration was eloquently communicated to the group. He shared how to read universal crochet symbols which allows you to crochet from charts instead of text and from patterns written from anywhere in the world! He taught us how to overlay garment schematics with patterning and then perform shaping techniques that preserve the beauty of the pattern and fit of the garment!! WOW! Pretty tall order. But not for this artist. Turns out Japanese patterns available at Uwajimaya are charted as well as written and use these sophisticated shaping techniques. Jean Becker happened to have one of these patterns with her. THANK YOU MORGAN. WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU!!

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Vinson

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