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Crochet Seattle!

May 24, 2005
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Arlene Geist
Morgan Hicks
Donna Koss
Justine Ozaki
Cheryl Robertson
Sandra Torkelson

Morgan facilitated this meeting.


Discussion to promote ourselves, Justine showed Crochet Guild of Puget Sounds business card (being updated) to be distributed to area yarn/fabric stores.

Reviewed and added several potential Program Topics/Activities for Future Meetings: Additions include beaded crochet, summer crochet.

Morgan will contact Nancy Brown, National Guild President concerning reaching national members in this area to announce the CrochetGuildSeattle. Preparing an article for the National newsletter was also discussed.

Consensus to select and elect a Guild Board was reached and this will be conducted during June 24th's meeting. A Program committee will also be established to develop future programs.

Summer Crochet is the subject of June's meeting, and members will share and discuss their projects made for using or wearing during Summer months. Members are asked to bring show-and-tell items for this topic.

For the program Which Yarn When? Morgan presented numerous yarns from which crocheters can choose and enjoy success with greater quality results. The smaller, finer yarns were emphasized, as were some yarns with lycra, nylon, or other components for special crochet. Yarns with sturdy cores, with low-pile surface, and the use of the 'right' hook for a given yarn were explained.

May 26, 2005
Morgan Hicks

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All Crocheters Welcome!