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Crochet Seattle!

October 2009
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Crochet Seattle!

Meeting 2nd Saturday each month

2:00-4:00 pm

Bad Woman Yarn

Wallingford Center

1815 North 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103



The meeting was held on October 10, 2009 at Bad Woman Yarn in Wallingford Center. In attendance were: Tamara Bacus, Jaime Shure, Toby Harris, Darlene pearsall, Marti Verkuilen, Deb Hobbs, Carmella Patterson, Jan Ives, marcia Butchart, Justine Ozaki, Clare Cronkleton, Justine Ozaki, Josie Addington and Lidia Leidloff attended as our guest.

Justine, as President, led the meeting.

This was Crochet Seattle!'s annual Mad Hatter tea party. Jaime and Toby shared roasted sweet potatoes and the guild provided cupcakes and beverages from Trophy. (Thank you Crochet Seattle!) Tamara made pretty pink heart-shaped doilie coasters for everyone. (Thank you Tamara!)

Announcements/New Business

Vet Scarves: Justine advised that there will not be a road trip to deliver the scarves. The scarves need to be delivered during business hours and therefore a weekend trip is not possible. The cut off for the turning in the scarves is October 23, 2009.

2010 Officers: It's time again to nominate and elect officers for the 2010 term. The following people were nominated: Darlene Pearsall, Secretary; Josie Addington, President; and Justine Ozaki as Treasurer. Justine took the nominations to a vote and the nominees were unanimously voted into office. The officers of Crochet Seattle! are: Josie Addington, President; Darlene Pearsall, Secretary; and Justine Ozaki, Treasurer.

October Workshop

There was no workshop in October. Since it was the guild's annual Mad Hatter tea party, members brought their respective WIPs.

Show -n- Tell:

From the many talented folks in the group, we saw the following:

Tamara: Hat made with Lion Brand Thick & Quick Chenille; knit scarf; Barbie gown with matching stole done in white size 10 thread.

Jaime: "First" cap; scarf in two colors - half of it done in white and the other half in purple; WIP is a sweater from Sensual Crochet.

Darlene: grey and black hat; 4 different crochet scarves.

Marty: WIP, a hat.

Deb: Edging done on a napkin; WIP is another edged napkin.

Lidia: Knit scarf

Carmella: Hat with flower and matching scarf; baby blanket.

Clare: Barrett done in Cascade 220; WIP is a rug made with strips of an old T-shirt; knit loopy bag.

Marcia: Mock cable scarf.

Josie: WIP is a summer stole done in lace weight cotton by Araucania Yarns.

Darlene will post photos on the guild site.

The rest of the meeting was spent enjoying the treats, each other's company and the occasional round in Mad Woman Yarn.


Next month's meeting is on November 14, 2009. Mary Ferrari will be leading the guild in a fabulous afghan pattern.

If you have any corrections, additions, please contact Josie Addington at


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All Crocheters Welcome!