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Crochet Seattle!

April 2009
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Crochet Seattle!

Meeting 2nd Sunday each month

2:00-4:00 pm

Bad Woman Yarn

Wallingford Center

1815 North 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98103



The meeting was held on April 11, 2009 at Bad Woman Yarn in Wallingford Center. In attendance were: Justine Ozaki, Clare Cronkleton, Carrie Pearsall, Nancy Peterson, Mary Ferrari, Darlene Pearsall, Tamara Bacus, Jean Becker, Jan Ives, Carmella Pattterson, Josie Addington and guests, Marti Verkuilen, Shelby Smith, Jaime Shure and Toby Harris.

Justine, as President, led the meeting.

April Workshop

The April workshop was an introduction to the Brocade Stitch which uses the afghan stitch aka Tunisian crochet. Jean Becker led the workshop.

To better familiarize the guild with the workshop, Jean did a review of the afghan stitch for those of us who’ve been around the crochet block and introduced the stitch to members who were not familiar with it. Once everyone became familiar with the technique, we delved into the Brocade Stitch which is a series of "waves" using the afghan stitch. Jean showed everyone a model purse which she’d made using the Brocade Stitch.

New Business/Announcements:

Justine announced that new business cards for the guild have been ordered and will be available for distribution shortly.

Clare announced that the Seattle Free School will be conducting free crochet classes and times will be posted. Crochet Seattle! will be sponsoring the classes by having representative members teach.

Show -n- Tell:

Lots of show & tell this month:

Jean brought attention to a sweater in this months Crochet magazine that was designed by Joy Prescott, a member of the Crochet Guild of Puget Sound.

Carmella shared a story of a woman in Italy who survived waiting to be rescued by crocheting.

Carrie showed us a crochet hat.

Tamara showed us several beaded bracelets she crocheted.

Clare shared a brimless tam

Jean shared her tam

Shelby showed a knitted drop-stitch scarf.

Next month’s workshop is a crocheted beaded bracelet which will be led by Justine. Homework will be posted prior to the workshop.

If you have any corrections, additions, please contact Josie Addington at

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All Crocheters Welcome!