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April 2008

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April 2008 Meeting


The meeting was held on April 27, 2008 at A New Yarn.  In attendance were:  Marcia Buchart, Claire Cronklton, Justine Ozaki, Sherry Evard, Linda Yaw, Carmella Patterson, Josie Addington and guests, Deborah Herrmann and Pat Downs.


Crochet Going Green


Prior to the workshop, three was a sock show-n-tell.  Those who finished their socks from the March workshop were excited to show off their work.  And for good reason.  The socks were beautiful and creative.  Justine took photos of the socks to be posted later.


In addition, Justine gave an introduction to the shrug workshop she will be hosting during the May meeting.  She showed us 2 shrugs that everyone will have an opportunity to choose from and gave some critical measurement information and yarn specifications so everyone could have an opportunity to choose their yarn and collect their measurements prior to the workshop to ensure a nice fit.


We also discussed the progress of scrapbook that's being  put together for Lester (good thing Lester doesn't do email).  Those of us who still haven't gotten their page together, there's still a bit of time, but hurry.

Our guest, Pat, started a discussion on hyperbolic crochet and brought with her a piece she's been working on and showed us the result.  This was discussed as a possible option at the pot luck on Vashon as a break from the hairpin lace workshop.  To see samples of the hyperbolic crochet coral reef, click on the following link and enjoy.




Clair began by showing us samples of projects done with recycled plastic bags:  a tunisian entrelac rug, a "granny" triangle rug, a tote and a cute hobo purse made with various shades of blue plastic bags.


We began by folding the bags flat lengthwise and proceeded to cut off the handles and the end bit.  The rest was cut into approximately 1" strips then looped together to make a continuous strand of plastic "yarn."  (Red Heart, eat your heart out.)  Using a hook we felt comfortable with, we began crocheting our plastic yarn using a simple bag pattern and single crochet.  The end result was remarkable as we began to see how the strips were transformed into yet another very useful article.  The process was easy although everyone admitted that while looping the strips together was tedious it also seemed meditative.  This was a fun workshop and we look forward to next month's show-n-tell.


The next meeting will be held on May 18 during which Justine will be hosting a shrug workshop.


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