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Crochet Seattle!

January 22, 2006
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Attending: Josie Addington, Clare Cronkleton, Mary Ferrari, Kathy Franklin, Justine Ozaki, Nancy Peterson, Rita Stockwell, Linda Yaw

Josie presented a workshop on making dish cloths.

Next month's meeting
Sunday, February 26, from 1-4 p.m. at the Wooly Monkey. Justine Ozaki will be teaching us how to crochet bead bracelets. Watch your email for what you need to bring and what you can do to prepare for the workshop.

November & December meetings
Our last meeting was in October due to lack of attendance for the November and December meetings.

Officer positions
The terms of the previous officers were set to expire in December. Since members did not show up for the December meeting, we discussed officers at this meeting. Clare was willing to continue as Treasurer. Justine volunteered as Secretary and after some discussion, Linda volunteered as President as well as continuing as Web Diva. Thanks go out to Morgan and Maureen for all that they did in 2005 for Crochet Guild Seattle. We would not exist as a group without them.

Duties were informally defined as follows:
Treasurer: Account for money, write checks, make monthly finance report.
Secretary: Take minutes and post them.
President: Run meetings, schedule meetings with help of the members.

Justine has a copy of the job descriptions that she will provide for us to look at.

Justine has kindly volunteered to make up flyers with tear off strips and mail them to people who promise to put them up in their area. If you are interested, send Justine your address along with the number of flyers you plan to put up. Her email address is You can also give her this information at the next meeting.

Josie has promised to mention our meetings at any crochet classes she teaches. Clare is looking into letting the crochet group that meets at the Phinney Neighborhood Center know about our group.

There was some discussion about whether we might want to change the group's name since "Guild" can be somewhat intimidating. We will discuss this more at the next meeting.

Linda will order new business cards from VistaPrint for the group. She may wait until after the next meeting in case we decide to change the group name.

We discussed looking into putting a listing or advertisement in neighborhood newspapers.

Annual Dues of $10 will be collected at the next meeting, so bring your money.

We had a fun time making Dish Cloths and missed those of you who weren't able to make it. Thank you, Justine, for bringing treats!

Linda Yaw

All Crocheters Welcome!