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Here is the homework for the bracelet. A Special thanks to Sue Wilson at Parkside Wool for sharing her pattern with the crochet world. I will provide the pattern at class.

6 x 55 size 6 beads (330 plus beads)
crochet hook size 0-6 or size that gives you best result
size 5 perle cotton - small skein will make 2 bracelets

String beads in group of 6 using same color/bead order. Great care should be taken to have NO mistakes in stringing beads. Wind threaded beads on cardboard tube (tp or paper towel tube) to control thread and bead supply.

For the first bracelet I suggest a white or light color cotton as it is easier to see. Also select beads in 6 distinctly different colors. I use yogart tops to hold my beads while stringing. Just count the first bowl. You will then know when you have reached 55. If you find an accident as we crochet, we can break off the offending beads. Toss any beads that do not string easily. You can use a dental flosser to string the beads or get bead needles at your bead shop.

Looking forward to a fun time.


P.S. The link below has some photos of jewelry including the bracelet we'll be making.

Justine's Photo Album

All Crocheters Welcome!