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Crochet Seattle!

October 25, 2005
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Morgan presided over the meeting. Present were: Morgan Hicks, Linda Yaw, Maureen Vinson, Rita Stockwell, Cynthia Brooks, Arlene Geist, Debi Favre, Donna Koss and Lisa Darkstar.

Old Business
All members are reminded that they can download small posters from the yahoo groups web-site to promote to friends and display at appropriate businesses.

New Business
Please be thinking about the nominations of new officers for the upcoming year. This is a chance for everyone to participate and contribute to the guild. New Officers will start in January.

We may also have to find a new location for our meetings. Please be thinking about suggestions. This should be discussed at the November meeting.

Lastly, all board members should be members of the national guild. Morgan should have details on this.

Treasurer's Report
Treasurers report will be made at the November meeting

October Program
Crochet instructor and member of the Puget Sound Crochet Guild, Josie Addington, presented a great program on crocheted socks. The house was full. What a fun meeting! Thanks Josie.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted
Maureen Vinson

All Crocheters Welcome!