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Crochet Guild Seattle!

Meeting 4th Sunday Each Month

2:00 - 4:00 p.m.

A New Yarn

12345 Roosevelt Way NE

Seattle, Washington 98125


March 2008 Meeting

The meeting was held on March  30, 2008 at A New Yarn.  In attendance were:  Alison MacCarthy, Carmella Peterson, Sherry Evard, Mary Ferrari, Justine Ozaki, Linda Yaw, Clair Cronklton, Jean Becker and guest, Leni Lopez.

There was talk about the August pot luck on Vashon where Jean will be hosting a workshop on hairpin lace and Jean brought samples of her hairpin lace projects. 


Prior to the workshop, everyone was given homework.  Josie began the workshop at the point where the heel flap begins and walked everyone through the heel shaping and gussett.

A pattern was distributed and those who did not have time to complete the homework began the sock from the cuff, following the pattern. 

Everyone seemed delighted to be able to create socks.  Alison showed everyone the socks she'd done from the toe up.

Guest, Leni brought with her some leaflets she'd gotten from Annie's Attic for basic socks and slippers and everyone seemed equally pleased to know that there are more patterns available for socks.  Josie recommended a book titled Crochet Socks by Janet Reifelt and Mary Jane Wood.  Justine also referred to a sock pattern from the most recent Crochet magazine that contained a beautiful pair of socks done in tapestry crochet.

The workshop ended with just about everyone well on their way to a pair of socks.

The next meeting will be held on April 27, 2008 during which Clair will host a workshop on crocheting with recycled plastic grocery bags.

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